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Pleasantview Elementary School

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Pleasantview is an elementary school with precast hollow core concrete plank, concrete tee, and steel construction. Extended coverage pendents with Victaulic AH2-CC flexdrops and standard spray pendents with Victaulic AH1-CC flexdrops were used to improve hydraulic calculations for extended coverage, but maintain a lower cost for connections to standard spray sprinklers. This sprinkler system was design to fit with many detailed architectural features. Examples include areas open to multiple levels, non standard angles, decorative cloud/slat/exposed structure ceilings, and ceilings with a mixture of architectural tile/decorative gyp. soffits that varied in elevation throughout corridors and common areas.

Project Type

New Construction

Area of Application (sq. ft.)

125,000 to 150,000

Number of Stories


Number of Sprinklers

750 to 1,000

Number of Zones


Design Standards


System Type(s)


Occupancy Classifications

Light, Ordinary

Water Source

Municipal Supply