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With our decades of combined experience, our Driven team of fire protection engineers and design experts can help you:

■   Add Fire Protection Engineering services to your professional capabilities
■   Reduce or eliminate change orders on your projects
■   Reduce your liability by taking responsibility for the fire protection portion of your projects
■   Answer pre-bid questions allowing you to focus on other things
■   Ensure that the fire protection systems on your projects are aesthetically pleasing
■   Ensure that the sprinkler systems on your projects are designed and installed per code
■   Clear up confusion from unknown or contradicting insurance requirements prior to bid
■   Provide attractive and easy to read fire protection bid drawings
■   Capture the latest code requirements as they are issued in revised standards
■   Answer necessary questions up front to get competitive quotes from contractors
■   Help your projects run more smoothly by reducing or eliminating your fire protection problems

Here are some of the specific services we can provide you:
■    Water supply analysis & testing
■    Pre-bid coordination drawings
■    Pre-bid 100% submittal documents
■    Plan review
■    Hydraulic calculation review
■    Material recommendation & specifications
■    Standpipe systems design
■    Wet pipe sprinkler system design
■    Dry pipe sprinkler system design
■    Deluge sprinkler system design
■    Foam system design
■    Residential sprinkler system design
■    Industrial fire sprinkler design
■    Fire pump selection and specifications
■    BIM Modeling / coordination
■    Design build services
■    Accurate fire sprinkler budgeting
■    Existing system analysis
■    Maintenance program recommendations
■    Nitrogen air supply systems
■    Recommendations for latest technologies
■    Fire alarm integration
More About Our Architect Services

We are Driven to serve architects with our years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry that have been dedicated to providing the highest possible quality to our customers.  Modern fire protection systems can be very complex, and we can provide you with a better understanding of your project’s fire protection needs. We understand that an architect faces many challenges in creating a building that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also buildable, and that sometimes cost implications inherent with creating visually appealing fire protection designs in certain architecturally sensitive areas need to be considered.

With our experienced team’s attention to detail and years of experience in the design of fire sprinkler systems, we can add great value to you as an architect by creating aesthetically pleasing solutions for areas of concern and a budget of the costs that go along with those options. Our staff members have years of experience in estimating, design, and installation. We are specialized in what we do, and as part of your professional group we can work side by side with a design team that may not necessarily have personnel dedicated specifically to the constantly evolving fire sprinkler industry. Our staff members have the experience to ask the important questions up front, thereby eliminating potential problems down the road during construction.

We understand that nobody likes unnecessary change orders and we have the experience to greatly reduce or eliminate them on your projects. What does all of this mean for you, a professional architect? We can help to greatly reduce or eliminate problems and stress surrounding the fire protection portion of your projects and help them run as smoothly as possible. We can also ensure that fire sprinkler systems visually blend in with the design of your buildings to the fullest extent possible.