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Owner’s Representatives

 With our decades of combined experience, our Driven team of fire protection engineers and design experts can help you:

■   Reduce or eliminate change orders on your projects
■   Ensure the fire protection systems incorporate the most cost-effective solutions
■   Foresee and avoid potential problems during construction
■   Coordinate between all parties to make sure everyone is on the same page
■   Ensure the fire protection systems on your projects are designed and installed per code
■   Capture the latest code requirements as they are issued in revised standards
■   Provide clear, concise fire protection bid drawings to produce competitive quotes from contractors

Here are some of the specific services we can provide you:
■   Water supply analysis & testing
■   Pre-bid coordination drawings
■   Pre-bid 100% submittal documents
■   Full submittal plans and calculations
■   Hydraulic calculations
■   Material recommendation & specifications
■   Material data
■   Standpipe systems design
■   Wet pipe sprinkler system design
■   Dry pipe sprinkler system design
■   Deluge sprinkler system design
■   Foam system design
■   Residential sprinkler system design
■   Industrial fire sprinkler design
■   Fire pump selection and specifications
■   BIM Modeling / coordination
■   Design build services
■   Accurate fire sprinkler budgeting
■   Existing system analysis
■   Maintenance program recommendations
■   Nitrogen air supply systems
■   Recommendations for latest fire sprinkler technologies
■   Fire alarm integration
More About Our Owner's Representatives Services

As a busy owner’s representative working with today’s fast-paced schedules, problems with your fire protection systems are the last thing you need. You don’t like surprises and you don’t l ike change orders. W e can help. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to foresee potential issues and head them off before they become major problems during construction. We can investigate the typical stumbling blocks and find the best solutions early on in your projects. We can anticipate potential problems, get the necessary questions answered up front, provide clear concise bid documents, and provide construction oversight to make sure that you get a hassle-free, code-compliant fire protection system on time and on budget. Also, by getting all of the questions answered up front, bids are more competitive and more economical because everybody knows what to include in their estimate.