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Mill Creek


Mill Creek Multi Family Residential is an apartment building with two post tension concrete parking levels, and four wood framed residential levels. The automatic fire protection system is designed to NFPA 13 (ed. 2016). Each parking level is protected by a dry system with standard spray and extended coverage quick response sprinklers. One of these dry systems also feeds two roof tower dormers with a total of 6 sprinklers. There are two stairways with a Class I manual wet standpipe in each. The residential levels have a zone control at each floor fed from a combined standpipe. The parking levels and standpipes utilize black steel Mega-thread and Mega-flow piping, and spears CPVC for the residential levels. Residential sprinklers were used to protect units, Victaulic VicFlex VS1 dry horizontal sidewall sprinklers were used to protect each unit’s balcony, corridors utilized Reliable LT56 “hallway” sprinklers, and quick response commercial sprinklers were used in remaining common spaces. This project consisted of 1195 sprinklers. Seismic bracing was also required in this area, with attachment to concrete and TJI construction.

Project Type

New Construction

Area of Application (sq. ft.)

100,000 to 125,000

Number of Stories


Number of Sprinklers

1,000 to 1,250

Number of Zones


Design Standards


System Type(s)

Dry, Stand Pipe, Wet

Occupancy Classifications

Light, Ordinary

Water Source

Municipal Supply