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Georgia Modern


Georgia Modern is a 6 story apartment building that is not classified as a high-rise. The fire sprinkler system consists of a 6 zone wet system and manual standpipe system in two stairways. It is zoned per floor with each zone fed from a combined standpipe in one stairway. Level 0 had a concrete deck with exposed black steel sprinkler piping. This level is resident storage and common area. Residential levels 1-5 are wood construction with concealed CPVC piping. Corridors on the residential levels are open to outside air and are protected with corrosion resistant recessed pendants. They level 6 zone also protects some concealed combustible areas in the attic with black steel pipe and upright sprinklers.

Project Type

New Construction

Area of Application (sq. ft.)

0 to 25,000

Number of Stories


Number of Sprinklers

0 to 250

Number of Zones


Design Standards


System Type(s)


Occupancy Classifications

Residential, Light, Ordinary

Water Source

Municipal Supply