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Lincoln 40 Student Housing

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This large dormitory was especially complex in nature with several large combustible attic spaces requiring protection with CC sprinkler fed from CPVC piping. The overall plan set was 32 sheets and required seismic bracing layout, calculations as well as seismic separations. The standpipe system also required hose connections to be added due to horizontal exit passageways to meet hose distance requirements. The plans also went through a 3rd party extensive review with minimal changes required for resubmittal.

Project Type

New Construction

Area of Application (sq. ft.)

225,000 to 250,000

Number of Stories


Number of Sprinklers

2,500 to 2,750

Number of Zones


Design Standards

NFPA 13, 14, and 20

System Type(s)

Fire Pump, Stand Pipe, Wet

Occupancy Classifications

Light, Ordinary

Water Source

Municipal +Fire Pump, River, Lake, Pond, or Reservoir supplemented by a Fire Pump